Our church is expanding and growing and we are ready to win more and more people for the Lord. "If we don't win lost people, we don't win!" Our vision is to win the lost, mend the broken, and send the whole and we are not willing to stop where we are now. Because of the growth, our space has become a blessing and a "problem."

Our "Be The Light" program allows others to have a part in this growth by buying a lightbulb. Each lightbulb will be put into our "Be The Light" fixture on the wall in our lobby. We are even allowing you to put the light in yourself! There are 3600 light bulbs and you can buy from #1 which is a dollar all the way to #3600 which is $3600. Each lightbulb has a monetary cost that corresponds with its number.

You can even pay for your lightbulb throughout the year by making a pledge. We would love for you and your family to fast and pray for the amount that God would have you give.

Of course this is not about the money. This is about providing a place for the lost to find Jesus and for the hurt to find healing. It's about providing adequate room to separate our Middle School and High School Ministries as well as having more room for Life Groups which are the heart of our mission to connect and disciple.

We will be building a community Pavilion with a splash pad which gives us an opportunity to be a light in our community by offering a safe place for family and friends to gather.

Because there are those outside of our community that we also would like to reach with the Gospel, we will be branching out and creating new "Christ Chapel" Campuses.
Click below to give on our "Breeze App." Please hit the scroll button that says "Give To General Fund" and scroll up to "Be the Light!"

You can also give by filling out one of our Yellow "Be the Light" Cards which are located in the back of chairs in our auditorium.