How it all started...

A phrase that you will hear often as you walk the halls of this church is "Start where you're at...Use what you've got...Do what you can." And that is exactly what Billy Smith and his family did in 2003 when they knew that they had to be obedient to the unmistakeable voice  of God and start a church in the small town of Zebulon , Georgia.

Christ Chapel started meeting on the back porch of the Smith Family home and on our launch day October 5, 2003 had over eighty in attendance!  But that number wouldn't have mattered if not for the first salvation at Christ Chapel, Bo Hatchett. Here at Christ Chapel, we believe that if we don't win lost people, we don't win! That has been the passion and purpose of our church from day one, to bring as many people to Heaven with us as we can.
If we don't win lost people, we don't win!
Our church exists to:


Expanding the vision...

Our church affords many opportunities to serve not only in our church but in our community. We believe in the importance of loving others through serving. Opportunities range from greeting, cafe, and parking to singing in our choir, teaching our children, and being a youth leader. We also have a missions department that serves locally and internationally.   Because serving is part of the heart of Christ Chapel, you will begin to notice that serving doesn't have to be an organized event when it is an organic part of our identity.

This is not a moment...This is a movement!

God is doing big things in our community! It's not just a temporary move of God that stays inside of our building but a revelation of God's goodness that is ignited in our hearts! It is a movement! Watch what God will do when the church becomes the church  24 hours a day!! 7 days a week!! 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together
Zebulon 8:00 | 9:30 | 11:15
Pavilion 9:30 | 11:15
Hamilton 10:30
Hampton 10:00
Fayetteville 9:30 | 11:15
Barnesville coming in August